There are few things I enjoy drawing more than Clara Oswald’s face.
Based on this reference: X

A preliminary environment illustration for my collaborative graphic novel project, Chancellor of the Kindlies. This project is so fun I can’t even—
Here’s a guest cover I did for my friend’s comic, Rain at Dawn. For a little while, he used to lay down flat colors on Dreamscape pages, and he’s been very supportive, so this is to return the favor. ^^ He’s not going to be using my design for the chapter number and our names up at the top since he wants the typography to be uniform with the other chapter covers, so I’m including it here. I like how it turned out and somebody ought to see it. XDAs a disclaimer, his comic does not reflect the values in my own work. It is far darker and contains cursing and mature content.
This character (Krystal Valentine) and the raven logo belong to Sahan, but the artwork is mine.
Abby’s so stubborn, and I think that’s part of why I love her character so much. It’s not a trait I really enjoy in people, but it’s fun to write and creates lots of room for character development. 
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First pass at a design for Lady Evileen from Chancellor of the Kindlies.Now collaborating with Steamy! Yay! 

MY DEAR LUNGS, I must tell you that last night I had a REALLY weird dream, but there was this one part where I got lost and ended up on the roof of this castle-mansion thing and there was a pug walking expertly on a tight wire between two sections of the roof.

And at one point it seemed to fall off and I was really scared for it, but it had just hopped onto a lower section of the roof, and it climbed back up and walked on the next wire.

I think that pug spends a lot of time walking on tightropes. Maybe it’s in the circus?

Concept/Promotional art for my comic idea, Chancellor of the Kindlies.This is the Chancellor herself, Keemi Mokodo, past and present.

I’m toying with this character again and thinking about proposing her story to a guy I met at Swarmcon. He’s followed up a few times looking for proposals because he runs a fairly new publishing business.I might rename her, though. What would you name her? :) Her title is “Chancellor of the Kindlies.”She’s a few years younger in this image than she’ll be through the main portion of the story. 

WRONG BLOG. Always. >w<
Here’s some fanart I did to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the publication of Raising Dragons, the first book in the Dragons in our Midst series.
Drawing someone falling over is quite a challenge. As an artist I spend so much time trying to make characters look balanced, with the proper center of gravity, and breaking out of that involves changing my whole approach to a sketch. It’s very fun, though. :3 
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